How to Attend

Attending the Conference

Entrance to the conference will be free on both days. Please consult the location page for detailed information about where to find us and do note that the evening keynotes are not speaking in the same location as the conference.

Attending the Keynotes

 Simon Critchley will give a talk entitled SHITISFUCKEDUPANDBULLSHIT at the ICI Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry  at 8pm on the evening of June 28. We are requesting a minimum donation of 5 Euro to attend this event. Hito Steyerl will present ART AS OCCUPATION 2.0 at 19:00 June 30 in the IMPORT Projects space. Steyerl’s talk will be free.

These funds will cover the cost of our rental space, technical support and the cost of bringing these speakers to you. We have yet to cover these costs, so we appreciate any donation you can make. The button below permits you to choose any amount you’d like to donate. While the minimum donation is 5 euro, any additional you can offer will make a difference to our meagre budget. Every euro counts!

For those who donate via paypal, we’ll have your names on a list at the door. All you’ll need to gain entrance will be a piece of ID. We will also accept donations at the door.

These funds will make it possible for us to pay for the cost of the keynote speakers, the rental space and the technical support.

Thank you for your support.


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